SCS Connect High Speed Internet Solutions

internetHigh Speed Internet

Delivering high speed dedicated Internet access connections to remote schools and businesses where a high speed landline is unavailable. Dedicated Internet Access means not sharing bandwidth with other customers.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

SCS Connect Internet services are always sold as a designated Internet service (DIA). This means you are guaranteed the bandwidth you pay for. Ensuring that you will have access to the Internet when your business needs it most! Read More »


Experince You Can Rely On

SCS Connect has been providing Internet access to the Gallup-McKinley community for almost Two Decades, and we are well accustomed to the troubles faced when trying to connect remote facilities to the Internet. Using the latest microwave radio technology SCS Connect can deliver dedicated Internet access over the roughest terrain directly to your facility.

Dedicated Customer Service

SCS Connect is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to providing Internet services comparable to national ISP companies. Without the hassle of poor customer service that comes with nationwide organizations. If you have questions or need help you won’t have to worry about finding your way through an automated phone tree, or being put on hold. When you call SCS Connect you will talk to a real person who can address the reason you are calling.

Funding Assistance

The SCS Connect team has years of experience in assisting schools access funding from various Federal and State sources. One funding source known as the E-rate program is focused on ensuring that schools and libraries can obtain high-speed Internet access at affordable rates. If you are looking to get Internet access to your school or library the SCS Connect team will be happy provide you with the help and information needed to apply for the E-rate program.