Wireless Broadband

SCS Connect Broadband Solutions

SCS Connect’s comprehensive portfolio of reliable and cost-effective wireless broadband solutions provide opportunities to extend internet coverage to remote areas without a landline. SCS Connect's Wireless Broadband multi-vendor portfolio offers high-speed Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint networks that support data, voice and video communications, enabling a broad range of fixed and mobile applications for public and private systems. With SCS Connect’s innovative software solutions, customers can design, deploy and manage a broadband network, maximizing uptime and reliability while lowering installation costs.

Point to Point (PTP)

High-Performance Broadband Wireless

SCS Connect's Fixed Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet Bridges offer cost-effective, fully digital, building-to-building communications at carrier-class reliability – up to 99.999%. In environments where other wireless solutions don’t work – in crowded metropolitan areas with high RF interference, over water and open terrain, and across long distances – SCS Connect PTP solutions achieve far more reliable connections, much more often and at higher data rates.
In fact, SCS Connect PTP solutions outperform the competition, regardless of your requirements:

  • Long-distance – traverse geography without signal loss
  • Non-line-of-sight (NLoS) or near-line-of-sight (nLoS) environments – make connections regardless of path obstructions
  • Crowded hub sites – cluster more radios without increasing interference
  • Backup and disaster recovery – provide cost-effective redundancy
  • Replacement for E1s – deliver comparable performance at less cost

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Point to Multi-Point (PMP)

SCS Connect continues to invest in Point to Multipoint access networks by adding new capabilities
to dramatically expand the portfolio of options for network operators... Read more